SCANaCAR received a number of innovation awards or nominations in recent years for:

  • 2012 Intertraffic Innovation Award for Parking Category (ScanScooter)
  • 2013 Nomination EPA Award for Innovation category (Parking without Barriers)
  • 2014 Intertraffic Innovation Award for Parking Category (Parking Space Classifier)
  • 2015 ParkeerVak Public Award for the What's New! exhibition (ScanBike and SegwayScan)

The Intertraffic is the largest bi-annual fair on Infrastructure, Traffic, Security and Parking. The fair, with 27.000 visitors from 130 countries (visitors: 71 % from outside the Netherlands, 33 % from outside Western Europa) is held at the RAI in Amsterdam.

In 2012 SCANaCAR was awarded for the first time as the catogory winner of the Intertraffic Innovation Award for Parking. This prestigious title has been awarded for the introduction of the ScanScooter. The ScanScooter is now in use for parking enforcement by Cition in Amsterdam and in the cities of Schiedam (NL) and Strasbourg (FR).

According to the jury: "a worthy winner enabling greater efficiency in parking enforcement and enhanced safety for enforcement personnel, affording easier access and real-time connection with central databases, and reflecting current developments in enforcement regulation”.

For more information on the ScanScooter please follow this link.

In 2014 SCANaCAR again won the Intertraffic Innovation Award. This time it's for new technologies built into the ScanAuto that open the possibility to enforce on illegal parking (e.g. in disabled parking places or loading & unloading places). Since the ScanAuto can now also distinguish empty parking places, data on occupancy rates are collected and drivers can be informed. This will decrease search traffic for on street parking places and along with that save on time, energy and pollution.

You can read the jury report here. The internationale press paid attention to the most appreciated parking innovation of the past two years: ITS Magazine en ParkingTrends.

In September 2013 the European Parking Association (EPA) had its bi-annual congress, this time in Dublin, Ireland. Awards were given in four categories. SCANaCAR was nominated for the category Innovation. The entry of SCANaCAR was 'Paid Parking without Barriers'.

For more information on the SCANaCAR entry to the EPA award, please follow this link to the EPA website. For an article on this in Parking Trends issue June 2013 on the SCANaCAR entry please follow this link to the EPA website.

In April 2015, the Dutch parking fair 'ParkeerVak' organized the exhibition What's New! at its bi-annual exhibition in 's Hertogenbosch. Out of 15 nominated innovations of participants at the fair, the public chose the SCANaCAR ScanBike and ScanSegway as the winner (there was no jury prize). The ParkeerVak's organization published a short press release and a more detailed summary of What's New!