Access to car parks, city centres and distribution centres

In order to provide more service and speed to the parking public, parking garages use license plate recognition at the entrances and exits. Gates open automatically for regular customers and for people who make use of GSM parking. At the exit, the gate opens automatically for people who have paid -- a considerable improvement to traffic flow, ease and speed.

Municipalities that close off city centres can offer inhabitants, emergency services and suppliers selective access based on their license plates.

Distribution centres recognise quickly whenever trucks arrive and can provide access and assign docking areas automatically in order to keep traffic flow and occupancy optimal.

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Petrol stations

Petrol stations lose money when customers fill up without paying. The camera registers the license plate of the vehicle before the customer fills up. If someone doesn't pay, the license plate information is forwarded to the police and is put on a blacklist. That vehicle will then no longer be able to fill up at many other petrol stations. At the same time, the company can collect information on customers.

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