Locating suspicious vehicles

Every day, police surveillance teams are asked to keep an eye out for suspicious or stolen vehicles. The chances for success are much greater when a camera with automatic license plate recognition gives police officers a signal whenever a suspicious or stolen vehicle is spotted. SCANaCAR is experienced in the technologies with which police cars can be equipped: compact cameras and equipment that is installed in either the dashboard or roof rack and fast software that can check thousands of license plates against information stored in a secure central database.

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Tracking down scofflaws

Tax authorities and collection agencies are confronted with a high percentage of people who do not pay even after a summons has been issued. With the ScanCar, SCANaCAR can register some 1600 parked cars per hour. So, with a "normal" percentage of 1-2% of people with summonses, approximately 20 scofflaws' vehicles can be tracked down per hour.

Once a scofflaw's car has been located, the car can be towed, given a boot or impounded for administration purposes. Experience shows that people with late tax payments or fines pay quickly if they are able to get their car returned in this way.

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