Parking garage owners and managers would like very much to offer additional services to their customers. Access control based on license plate recognition offers several possibilities. In addition, fraud can be combated in this manner.


Regular customers can drive in and out of the parking garage with much more ease. They can be welcomed in a friendly manner and parking payment can be handled with a monthly invoice. GSM parking, payment via mobile phone, is then also possible. Reservations can also be made via mobile phone. Or the customer can pay afterward simply by texting the parking ticket number to the connected service number. 

Since the license plate information is recorded upon entry and exit, fraud can be prevented. The match between license plate and parking ticket is checked when the vehicle exits the car park. This way, it's no longer possible to leave the car park without the proper combination of license plate and parking ticket. Intentional or unintentional fraud in cases of loss of the parking ticket are also prevented since it can easily be checked when the relevant license plate was last spotted.

The SCANaCAR Bollard is a beautifully designed, robust, stainless steel pillar with an integrated camera. The camera housing includes the camera, an infrared flash unit and the processor. The camera takes 40 images per second and, in combination with the lighting, ensures that license plates are recognised completely and with great reliability under all light conditions. The processor drives the camera and lighting, analyses the images, converts license plate information into characters and takes care of communication with other devices.

Municipalities can also deploy the Ballard at city-centre access points or on streets accessible only by residents or other authorised vehicles (assistance services, deliveries).

The integrated camera/IR lighting/processor unit can also be purchased without the SCANaCAR Bollard. The unit is very compact and can be built into proprietary equipment or installed on a wall or ceiling in one's own housing. This may be desirable if the owner wishes to extend branding/image to devices or if there is too little space to install a pillar. This unit also includes all the necessary components and requires only a 12- or 230-volt power supply and a network connection. Communication may even be wireless as required. The unit has the same degree of completeness and reliability in recognising license plates.

License plate recognition is extremely fast, which prevents queues at entrances and exits. The systems work without the familiar loops in the roadway: the license plate has already been recognised and communicated as necessary, long before the old-fashioned system of roadway loops and barriers has even recognised that a car is approaching.  


  • Integrated system with camera, IR Flash lighting and processor
  • 60 images per second
  • Only a power supply (12 of 230 V) and network (cable or wireless) are necessary
  • Available as Bollard (stainless steel pillar) or built-in or as stand-alone mounted camera

The advantages

  • More service possibilities for the parking customer
  • Prevents fraud
  • Very fast recognition, no queues
  • Open system, direct connection to barriers/gates