Enterprise is the system that takes care of communication between the license plate recognition software and equipment and the client's database(s). It is an open system that can easily transmit information and signals to, e.g., the I/O systems of barriers and gates. In addition, the system provides web-based management applications, reporting and third-party access - e.g., for making reservations. 


The SCANaCAR license plate recognition software analyses the camera images and "translates" these along with the characters in the license plate. These characters and, if so desired, the images, are sent to a central location using communication software. Enterprise makes a direct link possible among specific client databases or devices. For example, Enterprise can check whether a license plate is known to the parking organisation's database and, if so, send a signal to open the gate. In the same way, information can be transmitted, for example, about entrance or exit times; or information can be sent to a screen for parking customers. 


  • Open standards: XML, SOAP, HTML or direct ODBC
  • User interfaces via standaard web-browsers


  • Can be connected to nearly any equipment
  • Faster response time from direct connection
  • Simple installation
  • Low development costs