The SCANaCAR ScanAuto is a unique development that makes mobile enforcement and detection possible based on license plate recognition. The speed with which license plates are scanned - both while driving and while parked - allows for extremely efficient recognition of large numbers of vehicles. The chance of discovery is significant, even when the vehicles sought are but a small percentage of the total, such as with stolen cars.    

The SCANaCAR ScanAuto is deployed when large numbers of cars must be recognised in a city or area. Parking organisations, tax authorities and the police do this for enforcement or detection. 

The ScanAuto drives along and scans the license plates of parked or moving vehicles. By using several digital cameras, up to 800 images can be made and analysed per second. In this manner, the ScanCar can move along with traffic at a normal speed and still recognise license plates with completeness and reliability. The license plate numbers are immediately transmuted into characters, encrypted and sent to a central database. There, the system checks whether the license plate is known within the database and sends an immediate message back to the ScanCar or to a PDA. So a police officer knows within seconds if a car is stolen and a parking officer knows whether the parking fee is paid before he moves on to the next car. Information can be forwarded from the central platform to the PDA or to other organisations - for example, in instances of environmental zoning.

An overall photo can be taken as necessry, e.g., as evidence. No information is stored in the auto: this is filed on a central server. 

It is also possible to use a few of the components to equip a regular vehicle. 1 or 2 cameras and accessories can be installed in a police car, for example, in the roof rack. Tax authority or collection agency vehicles can also be equipped with our miniature cameras and the associated recognition software and hardware.

  • 10 cameras: 6 for license plate recognition and 4 for overview.
  • Equipped with Infrared Flash for “all-weather” recognition
  • Analysis of 6x160 images per second
  • Communication via secured network and encrypted messages

The advantages of the SCANaCAR ScanAuto

  • An average of 1500 license plates per hour
  • Complete, reliable and extremely fast
  • Car can participate in traffic at normal speed
  • Recognition and follow-up can occur separately