ScanBike and ScanSegway

SCANaCAR's ultra compact and energy efficient ScanBike and ScanSegway solutions for parking enforcement were developed in 2015 as a unique tool to increase the productivity of the walking parking attendant. In addition, the parking attendant retains its accessibility to the public and the possibility of a broad spectrum enforcement.

The warden scans the license plates of vehicles parked at a speed of 12-15 kilometers per hour and can do the follow-up for cars that have not paid for parking himself, eg. by issueing a PCN. This makes this solution ideal for city centers with many visitors and for cities with limited parking areas.

The advantages of the Scan and Scan Bike Segway are:

  • Increase of productivity of the walking parking attendant (up to 3 times higher)
  • Suitable for on street and off street parkeren
  • Available as single or two-sided scanning
  • For small and medium-sized municipalities and various types of parking areas
  • One standard box containing all components, (dis)assembling in 1 minute
  • Energy-efficient and clean (both the scan resolution as the vehicle)
  • Parking attendant works independently of others and follows up himself
  • Parking attendant is easily accessible to the public
  • Mountable to several human transporters and types of bicycles