With SCANaCAR SmartCam, we offer the possibility of recognising and recording license plate information with compact cameras in fixed positions. Recognising license plates makes it possible, for example, to:


SCANaCAR SmartCam can be deployed in any location where license plate detection and recognition is desired. The cameras and software require no external trigger to detect a passing or stationary vehicle. This means that detection loops embedded in the roadway or other detection methods are superfluous. The camera setup includes fast IP cameras, infrared flash LEDs, a processor and a wireless network connection as necessary - making it possible to implement with only one power supply cable. In some situations it is preferable to place the processor at the side of the road and to use a smaller camera.

License plates are recognised under all lighting conditions. Should separate configurations be required - for example, due to placement requirements - various settings such as perspective correction can be applied. License plate recognition can be combined with an overview photo. 

With the standard SCANaCAR Enterprise connection, it is possible to connect to virtually any other open system. With extensive integration facilities, you can link directly to other information resources such as payment terminals, visitor registration or the Motorway Service. SCANaCAR Enterprise can also be deployed as a server for extremely easy management of logistics and information processes.



  • From small (camera+IR) to integrated (additional processor and network connection)
  • Analysis of 40-160 images per second
  • Communication via secured network and encrypted messages
  • Modular and open system, directly linkable via XML, SOAP, HTML or ODBC

The advantages of SCANaCAR SmartCam

  • Extremely high percentages of recognition completeness and reliablility
  • Proven concept (operational in several locations)
  • Flexible deployment (modular and as system or software only)
  • Completely integrated implementation or, indeed, very small and compact
SCANaCAR Smartcam