After developing the SCANaCAR Scancar, a solution was sought for medium-size municipalities. Parked cars' license plates are scanned quickly, allowing for efficient control of areas with lower parking density or higher rate of payment. In addition, the ScanScooter offers the convenience of allowing the rider to issue the fine himself.


The SCANaCAR ScanScooter is deployed whenever large numbers of vehicles must be recognised in a city or area. Mainly parking organisations and tax authorites do this for enforcement or detection.

The ScanScooter rides and scans the license plates of parked cars. Using four digital cameras, parked cars are registered on two sides from the right, from an angle and perpendicularly. Upon request, the ScanScooter can be electric - low noise and durable - and the cameras are mounted securely and safely in the rear.

The ScanScooter can participate in traffic at normal speeds and still recognise license plates with great reliability and completeness. The license plates are transmuted immediately into characters and sent encrypted to the central database. There, the system checks whether the license plate is known in the database and sends an immediate message back to the ScanScooter. The rider gets a visual and acoustic signal and performs follow-up once the street (section) has been completey scanned.  


  • Electric scooter equipped with extra battery
  • 4 cameras
  • Equipped with Infrared Flash for “all-weather” recognition
  • Analysis of 4x40 images per second
  • Communication via secured network and encrypted messages

The advantages of SCANaCAR ScanScooter

  • An average of 700 license plates per hour
  • Complete, reliable and very fast
  • Scooter can participate in traffic at normal speeds
  • Rider can perform follow-up himself
  • Rider is accessible and visible to the public