Traffic research

Governments are looking for ways to allow automobile traffic to flow optimally, both within and outside the city. Necessary conditions for this are that the roads are safer, that neighborhoods are more livable and that the environment becomes less polluted. SCANaCAR cameras record the necessary information such as traffic counts, provenance and destination traffic, shortcuts, etc. Municipalities also study the occupancy rates and user groups of parking areas in this way.

Customer origin research can also be done in a similar way for commercial uses.

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Mobility projects

For (temporary) easement of the (highway) traffic network, governments attempts to stimulate road users to leave their cars at home. One possibility is to reward frequent road users financially for (temporarily) not using certain roads - for example, because of road construction. SCANaCAR records which drivers use a particular road regularly and monitors the use of this road by these drivers during the course of the project.

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