Access to car parks, city centres and distribution centres

Parking garage owners offer subscriptions and payment methods via mobile phone. Frequent users need not pick up a ticket each time and the gate opens automatically after recognising the license plate. The same service can even be offered to all users upon their exiting the parking garage: the gate opens automatically upon recognition of the license plate. Combating fraud is possible by matching the license plate to the payment and opening of the gate.

If cities close part of the city centre to traffic, local destination traffic and taxis/suppliers can get access based on their license plates. Distribution centres want to know which trucks come and go and when. Docks are assigned and schedules are adjusted using this information.


Working method and products

Cameras are placed at access roads, barriers or movable access posts. These may be either the SCANaCAR Bollard or ScanCAM. License plates are registered centrally in SCANaCAR Enterprise and then linked to the organisation's available data: regular visitors, suppliers, permit holders, etc. Access is provided based on the current lists, the visit is recorded and forwarded as required to any financial/administrative office. 

The main advantages of access control with SCANaCAR are:

  • Very fast recognition, thus optimal traffic flow
  • Significant convenience for frequent visitors
  • Extra service and payment possibilities
  • Combating fraud
  • Also deployable for selective access to city centres or for free parking of limited duration