Environmental zones

Municipalities in various European countries have initiated so-called “environmental zones” to reduce the emissions of particulates. In municipalities with city zones, vehicles with older engines are prohibited from city centres. Enforcement of this can be done based on license plates because there is a match between license plate and vehicle type.


SCANaCAR provides a solution for rapidly checking whether a vehicle complies with the requirements. All mobile scanners such as the ScanAuto and the fixed cameras are in contact with the central platform. If a license plate is spotted within the city zone on a vehicle that does not meet the requirements, photographic evidence can be requested and centrally archived. Since the proof provided satisfies all legal requirements, sanctions can be enforced immediately.

SCANaCAR offers both fixed and mobile solutions. If the city zone is well-defined and has only a limited number of entrance/exit roads, license plates can be registered from a fixed camera position using the ScanCam. if the area is characterised by many entrance/exit roads, one can work from the Scancar which can monitor from various positions in the city or while driving.

License plate information is sent to a central server via secure networks. If, after matching, a vehicle turns out not to satisfy the environmental requirements, the information can be sent directly to the organisation that can issue a fine. As evidence, the camera also sends a photo of the vehicle in the surrounding area.

SCANaCAR benefits for enforcement of environmental zones include:

  • Minimal use of personnel
  • No direct, on-street inspection necessary
  • Optimal solution for the situation with mobile or fixed camera positions
  • Direct link to the organisation that issues fines
  • Can be combined with street parking enforcement