Locating suspicious vehicles

Police services receive regular reports of stolen cars or are looking for suspicious cars. Using the SCANaCAR camera system, officers can concentrate on their many other tasks and receive a notification when a suspicious/sought-after car has been spotted. They themselves need not spend time tracking these cars down: this happens completely automatically while driving the surveillance car. 

The police car is equipped with a SCANaCAR camera system, e.g. in the roof rack. The license plates of cars in the area are scanned and this information is compared with the data in a secured central database. The cameras work automatically; the officers don't have to operate them and can concentrate on traffic and on their other tasks. When the cameras and the system recognise a match with the "blacklist", officers are alerted immediately. The car's information and features are dispayed on the screen in the police car and the officers themselves can decide which action should be taken. 

The main advantages of tracking down with SCANaCAR:

  • Agents can focus on other tasks
  • Safe driving, as no active operation is required
  • Blacklist is in a secured environment
  • Blacklist is always up-to-date