Mobility projects

Increasing mobility and the increased number of vehicles on the roads require structural adjustment to road capacity. Long-term construction projects are often necessary to widen or move roads. During that period, road capacity is temporarily decreased and additional traffic jams can be prevented by reducing the number of road users. 


ScanCam cameras are placed on an existing route. These cameras register the license plates of passing vehicles for a given period. In cooperation with the roadway authorities, frequent road users can then be offered a financial compensation for using the road less during times of construction.  

During roadwork activities, we register the license plates of these vehicles anew on the same route so that compensation is given only in those instances of actual reduced road use. License plate information is made available to the appropriate orgnaisations using SCANaCAR Enterprise and web applications.

Complete and reliable registration of license plates is essential. It is unaceptable if a driver receives compensation and still makes (the same) use of the road. SCANaCAR guarantees and demonstrates completeness and reliability in a number of ways.

The main advantages of mobility registration with SCANaCAR are:

  • No roadway detection loops necessary (solutions can be temporary and (re-)movable)
  • Extremely high rates of detection and recognition
  • Accessible web applications and open systems for connection with third parties