On-street parking

More and more municipalities have digital registration of parking rights. Parking permits and on-street parking are registered using license plates. Permits are becoming simpler and are no longer issued on paper. Visitors are quite keen to pay by mobile telephone (both business visitors and the shopping public). Parking machines at which the license plate number can be entered are appearing on the streets; a parking ticket behind the windscreen is no longer necessary.

So how does one see whether a vehicle's parking has been paid for?


SCANaCAR provides the solution. The SCANaCAR ScanAuto, ScanScooter and the ScanPDAs can be deployed to check the parking rights of parked vehicles very quickly and efficiently – either on foot or from a moving vehicle. Since license plates are immediately recognised and centrally checked for their parking validity, one can quickly trace vehicles that have not paid. For this, SCANaCAR works with the Central Platform of Agendum. The Central Platform is linked to various databases (motor vehicle registration, driver's license, etc.) to make central monitoring and reporting possible.

It's now possible to check more vehicles in less time. The ScanAuto checks roughly 1.500 license plates per hour and is deployed in large cities or parking areas. The ScanScooter does this in smaller areas with higher parking density and more temporary visitors. Enforcement officers on foot can check some 200 vehicles per hour when working with a ScanPDA. Depending on the characteristics of the area one can decide when to deploy what means of enforcement. Using the right tools at the right moment at the right place makes enforcement more effective and efficient.

 The most important advantages of mobile enforcement with SCANaCAR:

  • Increases drivers' willingness to pay

  • Lowers costs for the enforcement organisation

  • Increases revenue from fines for unpaid parking

  • Reduces the number of people who regularly skip paying for parking 

  • Provides traffic enforcement and CEO more time for other tasks