Petrol thieves

Every day, some drivers fill up their tanks and leave the petrol station without paying: petrol thieves. This represents a significant loss of income. Petrol stations and oil companies can arm themselves against this. Cameras register license plates and these are reported immediately if the driver leaves without paying.


One or more cameras are placed at petrol stations. The cameras can observe several pumps at one time. Images from the various cameras are analysed on a computer with SCANaCAR Engine software.

BigBrother registers petrol thieves' license plates and places these in a database, a blacklist, to which nearly all petrol stations and oil companies are linked. The police have access to this for detection and collection agencies track down vehicle owners and collect the amounts due. Since petrol stations also have access to the license plate information of thieves who have stolen from other petrol stations, they can receive a warning whenever a vehicle with that license plate appears at their pumps. 

The SCANaCAR software recognises license plates with great reliability. It is costly and embarrassing if a petrol thief gets away or if an innocent driver is stopped or receives a fine. 

The Dutch market is served by BigBrother. In other countries, SCANaCAR can provide the recognition software, the SmartCams and Enterprise, but also one or 2 of these 3 components.

The most important advantages of monitoring at petrol stations with SCANaCAR:

  • High accuracy, minimum chance of errors
  • Personnel need not be constantly on the alert for petrol thieves
  • The blacklist prevents the thief from filling up again at other subscribing petrol stations