Route monitoring

Drivers, helped by each other and by radio stations, know where traffic cameras are located and brake just before approaching them. This can lead to dangerous situations and to speeding on the rest of the route. If the police monitor an entire section of a route, it's pointless for the driver to speed.

At the begining and end of a given route, the license plates of all passing vehicles are scanned. All vehicles' speeds are determied at both those moments and for the entire route by extremely accurate, calibrated systems. 

The ScanCam recognition system is based entirely on camera images. Detection loops in the roadway are not necessary: this lowers costs and the incidence of malfunction and failure. Combining image recognition and license plates also provides information about the types of vehicles and their maximum speed. The link between SCANaCAR Enterprise and matrix signs above the roadway make it possible to take varying speed limits into account at particular times.

The primary advantages of route monitoring with SCANaCAR:

  • Speed infractions will decrease over the entire route
  • Variable speed limits are possible (for matrix signs and trucks)
  • No external trigger is necessary, so detection loops are superfluous
  • Extreme reliability due to smart solutions
  • Extra information available about road use and behaviour