Tracking down scofflaws

Various tax authorities and collection agencies track down persons with outstanding debts by locating those persons' cars. If the car is found (with or without the driver), the (tax) collection agency has a good chance of recovery. SCANaCAR helps locate these vehicles, agents can concentrate on collection. 

To date, scofflaws have been picked up by police nets. SCANaCAR finds scofflaws' vehicles at all requested locations in a municipality. The Scancar drives through the city and scans license plates at an average rate of 1600 vehicles per hour. The vehicles are flagged based on a list managed centrally by the tax authority. Upon determination of a hit on this list, a message is automatically sent to the collector's ScanPDA (handheld computer) or his/her own computer. Using the vehicle information, location, owner and claim, the collection body can decide whether the vehicle in question will be stopped, towed, or booted; and whether adminsitrative impoundment will be executed. The collector is led to the vehicle in question by the ScanPDA.

The primary advantages of tracking down scofflaws with this method are:

  • The collector can focus on follow-up and collection
  • Can be deployed anywhere, also in neighbourhoods or office parks
  • Blacklists are always managed by official agencies
  • Focus on the largest and most frequent scofflaws due to high speed and volume
  • Extremely effective, also via example-setting