Traffic volume and origin counts

Traffic and driver origin research can be time-consuming and costly. Increasingly, research is done on the basis of aggregated license plate data. In addition to volume, this makes origin/destination and short-cut research possible. For parking studies, usage and payment rates can be determined based on this information.


SCANaCAR helps you collect this information. This can be done wth mobile solutions like ScanCar or ScanPDA, also with the ScanCam. Vehicle time and location are regstered along with the license plate information. Based on this information, very insightful reports can be generated. Combined with recommendations from one of our partners, if so desired. 

The most important advantages of traffic studies with SCANaCAR are:

  • Various solutions, both fixed and mobile, depending on the situation
  • Access via a web application or open systems
  • Links possible to various other data sources