Scanacar solutions and products prove their value in daily practice. Below you will find a selection of tailor made solutions we implemented with various European partners. Scanacar has the knowledge and expertise to develop a suited solution in any given context. Find out how your organization might benefit from our innovative approach. Please contact us for more information.

UK London, Heathrow Airport

Car park access control at > 99 % accuracy

Most terminals at Heathrow Airport are equipped with ScanBollards. On a daily basis more than ten thousand license plates are detected and linked with reservation and financial systems. Access and exit speeds have increased considerably, fraud has gone down and frequent travellers benefit from ease and speed of services.

The Hague

Grow compliance and efficiency

As from early 2016 The Hague deployed 2 ScanAuto’s and 1 ScanScooter. This allowed not only for more control in the streets but also more information and income for the city. Productivity grew four times with twice as many checks by half the number of people. Income from PCN’s increased by 30 % which leads to increased compliance to pay parking fees. Management of the work force has become easier.


Targeted approach to increase rotation in certain areas

Parking enforcement in Madrid aims at fast rotation and cars parked for short periods. The ScanAuto detects cars that have not paid or are over-staying. Valuable information from the ScanAuto and process enters in the system and the ScanAuto is allocated to those areas where car drivers show lower than average compliance to the parking regulations.